Human Resource

As the business environment grows increasingly complex, human capital becomes the only sustainable source of competitive advantage for an organization. Though many companies make significant investments in Human Resource managing software and ERP time management of personnel continues to be an illusion. Most companies continue use manual time sheets to track their workforce and this usually leads to reentering this data into HR system for analysis and reporting.

Biometric technology offers employers an unparalleled means of knowing what employees are doing and when they are doing it.

Saves Time

The use of biometric devices also works to save quite a bit of time. When HR personnel has to manage attendance manually, it can be quite time-consuming. With a biometric device in place, all employees have to do is scan their fingerprint, hand or another body part when they come or leav

Saves Money

When a business installs a biometric device, it is a one-time investment that an employer makes that will cater to their time and attendance needs for years. This means employers do not need to hire a person to manage attendance

Enhances Punctuality

When biometric devices are used by a business, they can help to enhance the punctuality of workers. When employees realize they are no longer able to fake their attendance.

Leave and Absenteeism Management

Using a biometric attendance system it is easy manage leave days and track absenteeism by pulling up a report from the biometric system of an employee attendance.

Training and seminars

If your company holds regular seminars or is involved in training programs, workshops for groups use our laptop or andorid biometric application biometrics to track participants and it is GPS enabled to log in location too.

The System

We at Almartech biometric offer a wide range of HR compatible biometric identification applications:-

  • We can integrate to your already existing HR software
  • We can supply a Biometric Integrated time attendance stand alone system
  • We can provide mbile device or laptop compatible biometric solutions for field and outreach worksers

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