Security & Access Control

Access control is the process where by movement in and out of a building is controlled through specific doors, elevators and even gates for specific people at specific times

What are the equipment involved in access control system

Access control system usually involve the use of magnetic locks, swipe card reader, Proximity card reader system, keypads even remote transmitter for entry and exit control and now the latest in this is the biometric access control system ranging for fingerprint. Veins, retina and even facial recognition system.

Where are Access Control Systems Used

In a corporate environment, organizations need to make sure that unauthorized individuals are not allowed into secure systems. Additionally, for compliance reasons, companies need to ensure that workflow processes are followed correctly – certain employees only have access to specific files. Using biometric scanners, companies can see each time a computer or server room is accessed and know who it was.

In the domestic setups e.g. apartments block, gated communities biometric can be used to access common areas or even individual apartments.

How do I choose my access control system

To choose an access control system for your premises. First you must assess what level of security you need. How many people is going to use this system. Do you need to keep a log or print hard copy on who access the premises and so on. Once the above is established it will be easy for you to decide what system to use.

What we offer

At Almartech Biometrics we offer a wide range of biometric devices and locks and other access control systems that can be used to access security areas. Some of this allow computer login of entry and exit while others are standalone locking devices.