According to The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) ICT statistics for the second quarter of the 2016/2017 Financial Year the recorded number of mobile money subscriptions was 31.9 million served by 161,583 active mobile money agents as of 31st December 2016. This growth comes with increased risk of mobile money fraud since the traditional methods of sim card registration is I.D cards which can be forged or security lapses in verifying identify documents can lead to fraud or mis-indentity.

This is further compounded by security risk and threats posed by conmen and criminals using fake registered mobile numbers.

Biometric identification and auntehtication ensures that “you are who you are” can cannot be easily forged.

By integrating biometric registration into sim card registration Telkom companies can ensure the authencity of sim card registration thus protecting spoffing of cell phone nmubers. By equiping mobile money agents with biometrics readers for mobile money transfers they can further reduce instances of fraud by stolen or forged identity documents.

We at Almartech Biometrics are ready to provide integrated biometrics registration and identification systems for Telkom operators.

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