Biometrics in Education

Biometrics enable body-based security – technology that authenticates identity based on physical characteristics such as fingerprints, irises, facial structure, voice and even gestures. With its capabilities and applications, biometric technology has become a useful tool for instructors looking to enforce academic integrity.

For younger school going Children biometrics identification can also be used to monitor and track Childs movements thus ensuring their safety and a piece of mind to the guardian e.g. a school bus fitted with a biometric or RFID reader can send an sms alert to the parent when the child get on to or off the school bus when they enter the school compound.

Biometric Identification can also be linked to other services provided for in an education institution e.g. access to dormitory, meal plans and library services.

At Almartech Biometrics we will customize a biometric or RFID technology application to work with your existing students records systems.


  • Student registration
  • Class/Lecture attendance
  • Service Access (Transport, Library)
  • Examinations

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