Biometrics in Health

The adoption of biometrics in the healthcare sector enables the right patient to be linked to the right medical record. This leads to improved treatment outcomes and proper resources utilization and allocation

Fingerprint biometrics also prevents sharing of ID cards between medical personnel, promotes authorised logons to electronic healthcare systems in hospitals and reduces the chances of medical identity theft.

How it Works

The patient/client fingerprint is enrolled using a fingerprint scanner. For enhanced security the finger print image is then converted to a template, linked to a medical record by a unique client I.D and encrypted. On subsequent visits when the patient visits facility  the finger print is scanned using the finger print scanner the image is converted to a template matched with the template I.D and on finding a match the medical record is retrieved.


Where an already existing Electronic Medical Records database exists we can integrate the biometrics hardware and identification software with the EMR database making the process seamless without having to change your EMR.

Public Health Sector Integration

We can  integrate our biometric identifications systems with public health EMR systems including

  • Kenya EMR
  • ODK

For outreach and field healthcare services we can provide android enabled devices that link field data with facility data making it easy to track service delivery

New Biometric Identification Software Developments

Where no system or EMR exists we can develop and customize a system that will capture a minimum data set critical to patient identification and health service delivery and deliver a turnkey integrated biometric Identification application.


Our Systems can be deployed in Stand Alone ,Local Area and Wide Area Networks as well as we provide cloud hosting and VPS services.


  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Health Insurance
  • Health Research including clinical and drug trials, Disease surveillance
  • Public Health Intervention e.g. HIV prevention, Treatment and Care programs
  • EMR & Survey Systems – Integrates with ODK, IQcare among others.

According to WHO Patient Identification is of the recommended 9 patient safety solutions “don’t wait” Get in touch with us.