Financial Sector

Traditionally banks have been using paper based identity documents or government issued photo ID cards to identify and authenticate their customers. But this method of identification has been constantly forged by fraudsters as it is easy to print documents and cards as high quality printing is easily available to everyone

Biometrics provide a form of strong authentication that ensures a person is who they say they are. This makes them particularly useful for securing financial transactions, since biometric identifiers are hard to fake. With biometrics it becomes near impossible to use someone else’s identity. Biometric authentication also offers twin benefits of enhanced security and greater convenience.

Here at Almartech  Biometrics we can customize and integrate biometric into your already existing Financial or your Banking System making customer transactions and employees authentication more safe, secure and convenient.

Applicable to:

  • Banks
  • Agency Banking Kiosks and outlets
  • Mobile Money agencies
  • SACCO’s’s and FOSA’s
  • SME payment programs

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